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Letter: St. Joseph’s Hospital — it's time to take it back

Former mayor says the property never should have been sold in the first place

The old St. Joseph’s Hospital (formerly the Sudbury General Hospital), has sat empty and abandoned for a decade. 

Renovations by the current owners have seemingly halted. It’s not just an eyesore; it’s a lost opportunity. This property should never have been sold to a private condominium developer in the first place. 

This is arguably the most important piece of urban real estate in Greater Sudbury. On the pristine shores of Lake Ramsey, overlooking Bell Park, Science North, Laurentian University and the Boardwalk — this property belongs in public hands. 

Imagine what we could do with it once the old structure is demolished. We could create a space with floor-to-ceiling glass that provides a breathtaking view of our most cherished landmarks. A place to host wedding receptions, graduations, conferences, community celebrations and special events for our residents, as well as the thousands of visitors, tourists and conference delegates that come to Greater Sudbury every year. 

We could invite architectural firms to design a uniquely northern landmark so awe inspiring that it would change our image in the eyes of the world.

Many people outside of our city still hold an old image of us as a barren mining town. But we have long since reclaimed our lakes and our landscape. It’s time that we created a place that invites the world to experience the incredible natural resources, tourism and leisure opportunities that await them in the heart of our community.

This property shouldn’t be home to a condo complex for the elite few. It should be rescued by the municipality for the public good. It's time to take it back.

Dave Courtemanche
Former Mayor, City of Greater Sudbury