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Letter: Sudburian offers $250 reward for his stolen picture

Thieves broke into John Caruso’s camp in April, but First Nations drawing is what he wants back
crime scene tape
John Caruso is offering a $250 reward for the return of a drawing that was stolen from his camp around April 23. (File)

The experience of having one’s property burglarized and vandalized is a difficult emotional experience. 

My family has owned a camp in Valley East for 19 years, and until now we have never had so much as a paddle stolen. That all changed on or about April 23.

Thieves busted through a gate and drove through snow covered hills to gain access to the first camp on the road. Luckily for our neighbours, the snow was too thick for them to go any further.  At our camp, they busted down doors, (even ones that were not locked) broke windows and stole whatever their hearts desired.

We are working to repair the damages and paying to replace the essential items taken, but some items are not replaceable, this is why I write this letter.

Some 35 years ago, I bought a piece of artwork from a First Nations artist from Bear Island Ontario, his name is Hugh McKenzie. I loved this drawing more than any other piece of art I have ever seen.

It is not about any monetary value, I just loved it.The drawing is an original and is signed by Hugh. If you see it, you will know it immediately, so let me tell you what it looks like.

It is a black pencil sketch of a Hawk sitting on a bare tree branch. It is quite large at approximately 24 inches by 36 inches. The Hawk has his head cocked left and looks like he is eyeing a potential meal on the ground.

The only colour in the piece is shading on the Hawks beak. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. McKenzie only did one of these. It is easy to spot.

If you see this hanging anywhere in the Sudbury Region, you can safely assume that it was stolen or purchased as stolen property.

I want my picture back, so I am offering a $250 reward for information leading to its recovery.  If you have any information regarding this, please call me.  I can be reached at 705-521-3239, please leave a message if you do not get through.

I would like to see the guilty parties held accountable, but that is not my mission, I simply want my picture returned. Please share this letter with all of your Sudbury friends and acquaintances.  

John Caruso