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Letter: Sudburian says election results a win for fighting climate crisis

Canada couldn't afford to scrap carbon pricing
20190927 climate ts 3

Phew! I am so relieved the possibility of a Conservative win is over. 

With four grandsons and a slew of young nephews and nieces, I was so concerned the price on pollution would be cancelled. We cannot afford to scrap the best tool in our climate change tool kit.

I am buoyed by the likelihood that many more climate change-related tools will come into play. The elimination of single-use plastics seems to be a no-brainer, as well as more incentives to hasten the transition to electric vehicles. 

During the campaign, I heard Marc Serré twice mention that the federal government has eliminated many subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. To my recollection, he either said seven out of eight or eight out of nine have been eliminated. I look forward to details on which specific subsidies have been cancelled.

I can appreciate the stress and disappointment many of our fellow Canadians out West are feeling right now. This is a tough transition we are going through, but regardless of the challenges, the survival of our species trumps the difficulties any particular group must face. 

And for sure Canadians understand the need to provide the necessary support to all its citizens as Canada and the world transitions to a sustainable lifestyle.

Carole Lavallee