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Letter: Sudbury seniors say they had a great experience at COVID vax clinic

Louise and Arthur Peach give a ‘shout-out’ clinic workers
Sudbury Vaccination Centre.

We would like to do a “shout-out” to those responsible for dispensing the COVID vaccine and our other friends that, despite some reports to the contrary, we were very pleasantly surprised at the procedure leading up to and the actual receiving of the shots. 

As per the notice placed in the media and on the advice of our family doctor, we filled out the appropriate forms online on Friday the 12th of March and received a callback later the same day. We were given the choice of taking the vaccine on the following Monday, or later that Friday evening. 

We were ready and opted for an appointment that evening at 7:20 p.m. Upon our early arrival at Carmichael Arena we were immediately helped into Louise’s wheelchair by waiting staff, instructed where to park, very professional treatment all the way with friendly individual interaction, lots of good natured empathy without any condescension; impressive cooperation among our local health unit, the CGS, the Ministry of Health, and all the individuals getting the job done. 

From these two 80+ persons and friends in the same category, thank you.

Louise and Arthur Peach, Greater Sudbury