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Letter: Targeting law-abiding gun owners is not good governance

Criminals will continue to get their firearms the same way they always have
Guns for sale at the Algoma Rod & Gun Club 2018 Gun Show. (Supplied)

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Lefebvre and Mr. Serré for your promise to ban and confiscate countless firearms from law-abiding and responsible firearm owners — firearms that were purchased in accordance with the law, by vetted and licensed Canadian citizens.

I would also like to  thank you for eroding Canadian families' ability to protect their property,  to defend themselves and their children.
The price tag for this confiscation? Half-a-billion-plus dollars with some estimates as high as $2.5 billion. All paid by us,  the taxpayer.    

And on behalf of all the criminals in our society, I am thanking you for your first step in disarming the Canadian population. It is a comfort knowing our government cares enough to keep them safe, as well.  

To the anti-gun lobby,  you may feel safer, but rest assured, you won't be. This is pure Liberal deception, fear mongering to garner votes in the last election.

How can you solve a crime problem with legislation targeting the most law-abiding in our society?  How is this good governance?

As you know,  firearm violence  is not caused by licensed firearm owners. It's gangs and criminals who are responsible for the shootings.

It will not stop. They will keep getting their guns just as they do now, smuggled across the U.S. border or illegally manufactured in Canada.
Spend the money where it's needed — identifying and apprehending these criminals.

Remember,  we are ultimately responsible for our own safety as well as our families. The future is uncertain, and we may want or need to arm ourselves.  

Once these rights are gone, they're gone forever. 

"Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety"  Benjamin Franklin.

Claude Couture