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Letter: The BIA should not be fighting city council on KED

If it is using taxpayer money to do so, it's a misappropriation of taxes, says reader

John Lindsay, you mentioned the BIA in a recent letter.

Well, I have been told by a couple of downtown business owners that the BIA is funded by the city, funds which are supposed to be used “for improving the downtown.”

They are not happy that these funds are being used to fight the KED. I do not know if these are true facts, but if the BIA is using taxpayer dollars to fight a project supported by city council, it is definitely a misappropriation of our taxes.

As I stated, I do not know If this is certainty. If it is, it should be investigated by city council and all funding to the BIA stopped immediately. In fact, as a longtime taxpayer in the city, if these funds are not used for their original purpose, I demand that the BIA should be dissolved.

Remember, John, a survey taken two years ago demonstrated that more then 60 per cent of the citizens in the Greater Sudbury area, sometime ago, were in favour of the casino and the KED project.

Tony Sottile