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Letter: The time has come to open dumps and boat launches

Citizens need a message of hope from city hall, says reader

Around the world and within our country and Ontario, things are opening in a positive — and we all hope safe — manner.  

Yet the city only talks about how things will be different at city hall post Covid-19 and bans fireworks right into Canada Day.

To my knowledge, only Sudbury has closed its dumps. Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay did not.

To my knowledge, only Sudbury has barricaded the boat launches. Timmins, the Sault and West Nippissing all remain open.

The time has come for our sacrificing, suffering and in too many cases devastated citizens to hear a message of hope from city hall?

Please open the dump and boat launches.

The time has come.

Thank you,

Mark McKillop