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Letter: The world needs more nuclear

Over regulation of the nuclear industry has caused the cost to rise unnecessarily
2020-Pickering Nuclear Plant - GL
The Pickering Nuclear Plant. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Steve White.

Scientists, including the United Nations IPCC group, do not dispute the fact that water vapour constitutes the preponderance of greenhouse gas (about 80 per cent).

Climate "deniers" contend that water vapour and clouds are responsible for warming and cooling (capturing the sun's radiation), not CO2.

However, if indeed CO2 is, as climate "alarmists" suggest, the cause of global warming, then nuclear reactors are the solution, not wind, solar, geothermal etc.

Also the world's demand for electricity is growing and only nuclear reactors (and hydro) can meet the demand, as well as being CO2-free.

Fear of nuclear reactors and nuclear waste is irrational and not supported by the facts.
CO2 production from uranium mining is minuscule compared to production of fossil fuel, coal, natural gas etc. The energy density of uranium is thousands of times greater than other energy source. Embodied carbon in the materials required to produce wind turbines and solar panels means these energy sources are contributing to CO2 production, not negating it.

Over regulation of the nuclear industry has caused the cost to rise unnecessarily. The safest form of energy production is nuclear. The world needs to get the facts straight.

Regardless of which scientists you believe, air pollution is a problem and needs to be addressed. Also the world needs more electricity to meet demand and to raise people out of poverty.

Nuclear energy is the answer.

Jim Curry
Greater Sudbury