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Letter: There’s a misconception about how St. Joseph’s Villa is funded

‘As a not-for-profit organization, all dollars go directly to providing quality resident care at the Villa’
St. Joseph's Villa long-term care centre, Greater Sudbury (2020, supplied)

St. Joseph’s Villa needs your help.

As a not-for profit organization, it is led by a dedicated board of directors, who are themselves unpaid volunteers.

It receives funds only from the Ministry of Long Term Care and from resident fees. To clarify any misperception, it does not receive any funding from the Church or from any religious order. In every meaningful way, our long term care home is as much a public service, and a public good, as any other not-for-profit long term care home in Sudbury. The only importance to the public of the home’s historic affiliation with the Sisters of St Joseph is the set of values that motivates the organization—leaders and staff alike. One of those values is our dedication to serve the marginalized, the poor and other vulnerable populations. Is this not a benefit to our community? I submit that it is.

Long-term care homes have historically been inadequately funded. As a not-for-profit organization, all dollars go directly to providing quality resident care at the Villa — primarily for staffing. St. Joseph’s Villa does not have access to a minor equipment capital fund. This year has been particularly challenging given that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. This costs additional money.

Last spring our roof started to leak to the point where we could no longer patch and repair, but needed to replace the entire roof. In addition, because the building is now almost 20 years old we needed to replace major equipment such as a industrial ovens, fridges, and bathtubs. Again, there was no funding for this. We require $4.2M.

As a result we are reaching out to the community requesting your assistance

We hope that you continue to support us during these challenging times.  Please help us to keep our residents and staff safe by working in a safe building.

Andre Durette

Chair, St. Joseph’s Villa of Sudbury