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Letter: To the neighbour who anonymously complained about my ‘noisy’ children…

Mother receives two anonymous letters about her children playing loudly in the backyard. Since she didn’t know who sent them, she asked for’s help to get her response to the right person
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Dear neighbour: 

To begin I’d like to express that your letter was not perceived as polite and I feel very disrespected.

As an adult, you should have enough sense to come speak with me face to face and not address these issues through a posted letter with no return address and no name. 

Although you say you never said anything, this is the second letter you’ve sent. 

The backyard was the main selling feature when I purchased my home. It’s an amazing space where my children can play and make great memories. 

As you may know, we are in the middle of a pandemic. My children are unable to go to school, unable to play at local parks, unable to visit with friends and unable to see family members. If they are screaming and having fun, that means they aren’t worried about a deadly virus that is wreaking havoc on the world.

It also means that as a mom, I’m doing something right. No, I will not silence my children and you can go ahead and call the city.

Lastly, my children do not suffer from any medical conditions. I’m sad that this thought didn’t stop you from sending this letter. 

Enjoy your summer,

Your neighbour.

P.S.  The money you are wasting on postage stamps would likely get you a very good pair of ear plugs

Maxine Lemieux-Pitre
Greater Sudbury