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Letter: Traffic-calming measures are needed now

City council needs to take action to make neighbourhoods safer for walking
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(Meghan Groff/

The City of Greater Sudbury has a problem posing a threat to the health and safety of all residents — specifically, unsafe conditions for pedestrians in residential neighbourhoods. 

We need our councillors to take action and ask that the city implement traffic calming and other protective measures to make neighbourhoods safer for residents to walk. 

More of us are getting outside for health and recreation, using streets and sidewalks (if available) while trying to physically distance due to COVID-19. We need safe crossings to access parks, sidewalks on both sides of our streets, and the ability to wait for a school bus without vehicles driving too near. Cars regularly drive too fast where I live, and this is not unique to our neighbourhood. 

I recently started a petition requesting traffic calming in my neighbourhood and received a big response. Residents on our streets are concerned for the safety of those who live here, especially children, and want to be able to safely recreate in their front yards and driveways or cross the street to the park. Stop signs, speed bumps, lower speed limits, and crossovers would all be welcome here. Neighbourhood residents are tired of vehicles losing control and damaging property, costing homeowners, threatening public health and safety, and detracting from our quality of life. 

We cannot wait for the delayed Community Safety Zones and photo radar. Changes are needed now. The city can do more to protect public health and safety with traffic calming. Posting lower speed limits, installing speed bumps, additional stop signs and signals would be a good start.

Tessa Hall