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Letter: Transit user not pleased with changes

'The people living on Frood Road have really been shafted'

My wife and I are also very upset by the new transit routes.

The new routes leave us walking a long distance if we want to take the Donovan bus. We have to walk up the Jean Street hill, which is very steep. 

In the summer, it is a 20- to 25-minute walk. The winter will be worse. 

Since we have no car, we rely heavily on transit service.

I’m very scared my wife will break her bones going up that Jean Street hill. 

The bus service was excellent for the past 35 years before this change, but now we are underserviced, while college students and mall shoppers seem to be overserviced.

We only get the McKim bus every hour. Before, we could take the bus every half hour, but now the Donovan does not go on Frood Road, which is why we must walk up the Jean Street hill.

It would be a simple change to make a small detour on Frood Road to pick us up. I have COPD and find it hard to walk further. My wife has osteoporosis.

The people living on Frood Road have really been shafted with these changes.

Richard Gauthier