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Letter: Ward 7 candidate pays tribute to outgoing councillor

Natalie Labbée says she's the best for the job in Ward 7
Natalie Labbée is seeking the council seat in Ward 7 in the 2022 municipal election.

Editor’s note: Natalie Labbée is one of four candidates running in Ward 7 to replace outgoing councillor Mike Jakubo. The other candidates registered in the ward at this time include Randy Hazlett, Mark McKillop and Daniel Wiebes.

We may not always agree on some of the decisions made by our councillors, but we cannot deny that (outgoing Ward 7 Coun. Mike Jakubo) did a great job in his role as chair on the finance committee. 

In my role as a community leader in Capreol for the past eight years, it was a pleasure to work with Mike on the events I organized.

He attended CAN meetings and offered support and ideas. He and his wife volunteered over the years at several events in our community and throughout Ward 7 and provided a lot of support that he never sought credit for. 

I respect him a lot, and when he approached me last year about the idea of running in Ward 7 to replace him, I was humbled and appreciative of the recognition for my leadership qualities and my love of community! 

There are several people running in Ward 7 now, but I'm the only one who lives in Ward 7. 

Ward 7 is comprised of several little communities with very distinct qualities! It should be represented by someone who lives and contributes to the ward. Someone who has a direct stake in decisions made for OUR ward. 

Why would people elect someone who doesn't live here and give them the responsibility to make decisions for myself and ALL my neighbours of Ward 7, when they don't have a direct stake in what those decisions would mean to OUR quality of life? 

It doesn't make sense, and it's becoming more apparent each day that more people are stepping up under the wire, because they think it's the easiest seat on council to win, as there is no incumbent. 

It's important to note that none of the other candidates have even bothered to connect with Councillor Jakubo over the course of the last few months (because of course, I am the ONLY candidate who was serious, committed and prepared to run on May 2 when nominations opened). 

I didn't flip flop. I didn't sit on the fence. I'm not "job shopping" because I wasn't successful in a provincial election. I don't have a selfish or ego driven agenda, and I don't need it to pay my bills. 

I've been an elected official in the past. I knew what I was getting into and I know I can make a difference. 

The learning curve is far from vertical for me, unlike others, who may perceive this position as a piece of cake.

Regardless if someone didn't agree with all of Councillor Jakubo's decisions, nobody can negate the fact that he knows Ward 7 better than anyone else on council. 

He knows the issues. He knows the strengths and challenges of each of the communities in OUR ward. He knows success stories and shares good news stories, too! 

Ward 7 is unique in that it is the largest geographic ward in all of Greater Sudbury. Ward 7 is also comprised of several small communities with their own history and identity. 

Ward 7 is home to approximately 9,600 residents who deserve to be represented by a candidate who recognizes and has taken the time to find out! Someone who is endorsed by the outgoing councillor, who has represented Ward 7 for the past eight years. 

The ONLY candidate that fits that description is me, and I am very proud of the work I have done over the past three months to get up to speed, meet with people in Ward 7, learn about the issues, and volunteer broadly (not just in Capreol, where I live). 

Politics is not just about money. 

Politics is always about the PEOPLE. 

That's one of my superpowers. 

Thank you for setting a good example overall at the council table, Mike. 

I look forward to the support of my neighbours in Garson, Skead, Falconbridge, old Hanmer, Kukagami Lake and Capreol. 

Vote Labbée for Ward 7 on October 24.

Natalie Labbée

Ward 7 Greater Sudbury city council candidate