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Letter: We could be painting our potholes

Sudbury could be home to the largest painted pothole in Canada says reader
Risk Mural Sized
(File photo)

We read many comments about the now colourful derelict hospital on Paris Street – some positive and many not. It is certainly a discussion point.

What we have, however, is an attraction to vandalism and a potentially dangerous facility for trespassers.

Hundreds of gallons of paint may brighten an eyesore, but even the brightness is now being tainted by more broken windows, crumbling concrete, and peeling paint.

This is an insult to our community and a monument representing the changing and relevant nature of our city.

If throwing a coat of paint over a crumbling facility is considered to be the solution to the problem, then perhaps we should hire the graffiti artist to go around our city and brightly paint our potholes.

The artist may be able to claim the largest painted pothole in Canada. 

Like the old hospital, it would not deal with the problem, but red, yellow, blue and green potholes would certainly change the course of discussion and temporarily take attention away from the need to actually do something with the potholes. 

Many would probably consider brightly painted potholes, with the odd rabbit or field mouse stenciled into the mix, a marvelous piece of art. It would certainly blend in well with the largest mural in Canada and make Sudbury even more of a tourist attraction.

Or perhaps this would be considered too much exposure to risk!

Gary Gray