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Letter: We humans are such clever fools

People should be happy, but we aren't, and there's good reason

We humans come from a long line of tough survivors.

Our ancestors spend lifetimes scantily clad in cold, damp caves. Hunger was their constant companion and also a motivation to keep moving. There was no space in their lives for self pity or morose introspection.

Recently, as I was walking my little dog, Brandy, through the suburbs, and we passed row upon row of snug and secure homes, it came to me that we humans have come a long way.

The people in these dwellings have only to dial a number to enjoy the heat and humidity they desire. World news and entertainment is at their fingertips and they can take pleasure in it without leaving their big chair. It should follow that we should be the happiest, most relaxed creatures that have lived on this beautiful planet. 

But are we?

Mental health facilities are besieged with people who are suffering internal distress. Sidewalks, railway terminals, buses and subways are crowded with anxious faces. Hurry seems to be the accepted way to spend our limited time on Earth.

We suffer broken marriages, predators stalk our children, pollution is fouling the nest we live in, and greed is driving the world order. Through the marvels of modern media, we can watch the very right tool around on their multi-million dollar yachts and this same media shows us that thousands of babies are dying of starvation on the continent of Africa.

As a species, we seem to have everything that a living being could want, yet we are consumed by wants and feelings of emptiness. We live in crowds of people, but are more alone than we have ever been.

Perhaps it is not possible for people to be happy and contented as long as our greatest earthly expenditure is for weapons to slaughter our own kind.

We are such clever fools.

Jack McRae