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Letter: When it comes to climate change, we’re all in the soup together

Reader applauds federal government’s climate accountability bill
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I am a Northern Ontario social worker and community development worker. For the past 50 years, I have worked to provide support to people in Sudbury. Some of the most important work I have done is in researching the effects or our climate decisions on our community.

I am also a good cook and as such I know when you have too much salt in the soup, you stop adding more. In the same way, when you have too much carbon in the air, you stop adding more. 

Now, not in 2050.

Carbon displaces oxygen; it absorbs light and increases the heat in our atmosphere. It contributes to climate change. We can stop it. We know how to stop adding carbon by reducing fossil fuel use.

Canada has missed every greenhouse gas target we have set. I am writing to thank the government for finally, introducing climate accountability legislation to hold politicians accountable. 

This federal bill (Bill C-12) could end the broken promises. Canada must act quickly, especially over the next five years, to reduce its emissions and meet its commitments. The bill should add a 2025 target to ensure that this legislation aligns with what international science tells us is needed. 

Our city of Sudbury and the Province of Ontario require policies and regulations that contribute to a carbon reduction in sync with our federal government. We are all in this soup together.

Pat Rogerson