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Letter: Why are our city sidewalks impassable?

Reader says for people with mobility issues, the state of sidewalks in the city leaves much to be desired
typewriter pexels-cottonbro-3945337 (From Pexels by Cottonbro)

I can understand budget constraints for the city, but seriously! The sidewalks where the people walk to catch the bus from housing units are impassable for most able-bodied persons. Unfortunately, me and many other residents who rely on the sidewalks and have mobility issues aren’t up to the challenge of needing to become mountain climbers to navigate a sidewalk to the bus stop and crosswalks. 

We are tax payers also. Anyone who doesn't believe it's worth taking notice, try navigating any sidewalk in the South End. Park your vehicle at one of the malls and walk to the other malls at the Four Corners — good luck! 

Now imagine needing to push a stroller, mobility scooter, grocery wagon through that crap. For the people that say just drive, not everyone can drive.

So whoever is in charge of getting sidewalks cleared, you must be on the world's longest coffee break.

Patricia Crawford-Falconer
Greater Sudbury