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Letter: Why haven’t City of Greater Sudbury pools reopened?

Pools are now allowed to reopen in this part of the province
swimming pool

I was quite excited to learn that the province had announced Monday that the second stage of its reopening includes restaurant patios, hair salons and swimming pools.

I swim regularly. I was then so disappointed this Friday morning to find that the City of Greater Sudbury has not reopened its pools. I inquired through 311 only to be told by the 311 operator that “it takes time to reopen a pool.”

I was told that the city had to arrange staff, etc.  I responded that city staff knew on Monday that the pools could open. How long does it take to arrange staff?

This is just another example of the city not willing to provide regular service to the people who pay their salaries.

Where is the leadership here by the mayor, CAO council and department heads? I guess it just takes time for these folks to actually make a simple decision

Terry Kett, Greater Sudbury