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Letter: Why we should keep the Sudbury Theatre Centre

Supporter wants to see the theatre centre continue
Sudbury Theatre Centre. (File)

The Sudbury Theatre Centre plays an important role in the community. With all of the cutbacks to arts programs in schools, the STC helps to fill the void. 

When I went to the Sudbury Theatre Centre for a school field trip, I was excited to see my very first play. It was cool seeing the stage, the backdrops moving and feeling the excitement in the air. It was fun seeing my first play. 

The theatre also provides an opportunity for youth to explore theatre in a more in depth way than might be taught in schools. With seasoned actors as instructors, STC offers acting programs for youth in the area. Vocal techniques for singing and projecting their voices is also taught. Students can also be exposed to the many behind the scenes aspects of the theatre environment. 

All of these skills and knowledge youth get from the theatre can help in their future if they become an actor or if they become something else. If they become a CEO or a teacher, the practice of projecting their voice and speaking in front of an audience can help for meetings or talking to a class. 

It also helps with being a carpenter having that experience from making sets and more. As you can see working a little in a theatre can give a person experience that can help with many future indeverse. 

So without the Sudbury Theatre Centre we will miss out on a lot of these opportunities. I think that we should keep the theatre and I hope you agree.

Adrian PenneyGreater Sudbury