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Letter: Reader blasts money spent on The Junction

Reader has some suggestions on how to revitalize the city's downtown
Downtown Sudbury

I almost fell off my couch when Ian Wood announced at the Jan. 29 council meeting that $650,000 of tax money has already been spent on what is called The Junction. 

And it is still in “ discussion” phase. 

This is another attempt to revitalize the old downtown Sudbury. 

May I also mention there are other “downtowns” in the amalgamated City of Greater Sudbury that have been forgotten as tax generators.

Back to the old downtown. Jane Jacobs offered this advice, “Old buildings can create new ideas.”

So here is my advice on how to revitalize what has become a money pit going nowhere.

Arena: Refurbish the current $50-million asset, not tear it down and throw $50 million.

Add brick and mortar to the current Sudbury Theatre Centre and create a renewed theatre/performing arts centre.

Create mini art galleries and studio rental space throughout the “old downtown,” infilling existing space and making art a pedestrian adventure, not a tax burden. 

Leave the Library where it is. It is an iconic building that enjoins the gentrification of that part of the “old downtown” and ties it in to the historic McKenzie Street/Donavan area of the city.

Stop the naval gazing by those who do not understand the concept of “tax burden” versus “return on investment.”

Karen Pappin