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Letter: Reader 'enthralled' with plans for KED project

Slams project opponents for their pessimism

Mr. Fortin will say anything to allege that the city did not undertake proper public consultations.

Surveys taken over the past couple of years demonstrate the public overwhelmingly supported the KED development by over 60 per cent.

What other democratic system does Mr. Fortin believe in?

One becomes exhausted with the pessimistic, cynical and foreboding climate that he and John Lindsay and their cohorts attempt to create in our community.

Our city council is moving ahead with the greatest development that we have imagined in 100 years and we should be grateful for the Zulich family with such an enterprising inspiration for the future of our city.

Dario Zulich will take time out for any group that is interested.

I have seen his plans and listened to Dario talk about the KED development at one of our Knights of Columbus meetings, and I was enthralled with the plans that he has for the future of Sudbury.

I would recommend the citizens of this community to do so any chance they get.

Tony Sottile