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Letter: Selling tags for more garbage bags amounts to double dipping

We already pay waste disposal fees at the cash register, says reader
2018-03-15 - Garbage bags - AB

I am writing to you regarding the new one-bag garbage limit this fall. As we all know, the city of Sudbury will sell tags to collect more bags should you choose that option. 

Basically, no one knows what the CSSA is. They have a program in place for the waste packaging for products we buy. It is weighed, then a waste disposal fee is charged to the company. This fee is absorbed by the company and transferred to the price of the product in general terms. Basically, we pay a disposal fee on everyday products at the cash.

The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulation of The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002, transfers the responsibility for financing up to 75 per cent of recycling programs for residential waste packaging and paper from municipalities to businesses. The regulation was effective February 15, 2013.

I am writing this and sharing this as we are already paying for 75 per cent waste disposal at the cash register, and I do believe we pay property taxes that cover services. If you want to know more of what the CSSA does,  please visit their website. The Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance,

Thank you

Jason Wilson