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Letters to the Editor

No mercy - Michelle Paquette

After reading Ilse Jakelski's letter in the Dec. 10 issue, I asked myself, how could two citizens from the same town using the services at Canada Post have such a different experience? Here is my story.

Family thanks NL - Ernest Boeswald

I would like to thank Northern Life for selecting my daughter in the 2004 Newsmakers edition. My family was surprised and extremely honoured that your newspaper would select Reniessa as one of the newsmakers of 2004.

Defending the Conservative candidate - Doris Lee

Former Conservative Party candidate Stephen Butcher is coming across as a sore loser, and it is very good to hear he is leaving the party.

Surgeons need solutions - Dr. Angus Maciver

The Ontario Association of General Surgeons views the impasse between the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and the Ontario Medical Association. with concern.

Slogan irritates - Slogan irritates

As a French-Canadian and a bilingual person, I am deeply offended by the new Sudbury commercial. Whoever did the translation is not the smartest person in the world.

Voter disturbed by candidate's scolding - Darcey Dupuis

While at the mall on the weekend, Conservative candidate for Nickel Belt Margaret Schwartzentruber approached my table to hand out "business" cards.

A great event! - Tammy Frick

Congratulations for another successful edition of the Community Builders Awards of Excellence. The board of directors and staff of Cinéfest Sudbury are deeply honoured our festival has been given this distinction in the arts category.

Looking for true meaning - Stephanie Zahra

Everywhere we turn, we see toys and decorations and sales. We hear Christmas carols, and the sounds of angry mobs of people rushing through the malls to get last-minute gifts.

Quick words can damage years of hard work - Chris Restoule

These are trying times, these are times when we need to dig deep down and realize that change is eminent. I've sat and read the stories about the corruption in and around the Dokis First Nation Indian Reserve.

Double talk, double taxes - Stephen Butcher

City council is claiming its most recent tax bill increase is only 5.2 percent. This is simply not true. The situation is actually much worse. Your tax bill is calculated by multiplying your home's assessed value by the city's mill rate.