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Letters to the Editor

No free lunch - Robert Assabgui

After reading the article Woman prepares for hunger strike to protest the welfare system in the April 2 edition, I felt I needed to express my views on the story.

Direct flights to Cuba 'win-win' - Susan B. de la Riva

I certainly hope Sunwing Vacations does not pull out of what is definitely a win-win situation for Sudbury and the company as a result of an isolated and unlucky situation.

Don't blame the rich - Derek Morgan

I have some concerns about the recent poverty protests in wealthy neighbourhoods in Toronto and now at a Shakespearean play in Stratford. I really don't like the message  it sends.

Ex-conism not same as racism - Tatjana Dahlvick

After reading the column, Dialogue for the Disenfranchised, I came to the conclusion  I believe  it is partially true what Ritchy Dubé  is saying.

New dance craze - Don Malbeuf

Stephen Harper is now going to downplay what's happening in Afghanistan. We'll no longer be able to see our brave young soldiers when they arrive home to their final resting place. We'll not fly our flags at half-mast to honour them.

Thoughts on fluoridated water - David Chevrier

Fluoride is responsible for widespread impairment of human efficiency and for an enormous amount of ill health and disease.

Not so fast - Robert J. Keir

According to Sudbury Downs general manager Ken LeDrew, "the slots are doing very well and so is the racetrack.

No mercy - Anna Albert

Last week Community and Social Services Minister Sandra Pupatello was interviewed on CBC Radio.

Food banks not solution - Doreen Ojala

Are people using food banks suffering from nutritional deficiencies? In some cases, yes, largely because they do not receive sufficient income to afford a healthy diet, and are forced to supplement their diet with food from food banks.

Traffic issues in Lo-Ellen Park - Lesley Jowsey

I am a mother of two children, aged seven and nine. I am also a home daycare provider for five children from the ages of one to five. Daily we are outside, going for walks, biking, using the trails, and heading to the nearby park.