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Letters to the Editor

Columnist is right - Kirk W. Pascoe

This letter is being written in response to Ritchy Dube's comments in his Rap Session column in regard to people either unwilling or unable to accept sober alcoholics/addicts and ex-cons as equals (as counsellors).

Abolish territorial wars - Joe Cimino

Politicians and civil servants must abandon their childish, schoolyard territorial pedagogical conviction that benefits or obstacles of economic development are limited to the ward in which a particular initiative is in.

May 12 is International Fibromyalgia Day - Madeleine Lalande & Claudette Boudreau

This letter is to people and family members of those who suffer from chronic fibromyalgia syndrome and/or chronic fatigue syndrome (FMS/CFS).

Thumbs down to Sudbury - D. Nicholls

As a person living in Chelmsford, many people, including myself, are sick and tired of the idea behind amalgamation into the City of Greater Sudbury.

New math - Bob Daigle

In 2005, Dr. Roger Strasser made a total of $368,595. That's $80,000 more than the year before. If he worked a 40 hour week, for 52 weeks, he would make $177 an hour.

Welcome immigrants - Hilary Stokes

I was interested to read the article about the new website to  assist immigrants coming to Ontario.

Setting record straight on 'summer theatre' - Dale Pepin

As the producer of Theatre Cambrian's upcoming production of Oklahoma (I wish) to express my consternation over a report in the May 3 edition of Northern Life.

Many don't understand tradition of lowering flags at half-mast - Martin Johnston

I am mystified at the attitude of Canadians regarding the lowering of flags. It seems Canadians no longer understand the tradition and symbolic nature of this honour, and it is time we relearn what it is about.

Sudbury needs youth concerts - Amelia Rauhanen

I am writing to express my concerns after reading in Northern Life that the Sudbury Art Council will no longer host youth concerts.

Clarification about union wages needed - Wyman MacKinnon

I feel compelled to write this letter in regards to the city's $100,000 club. It seems every year when this list comes out that paranoia runs supreme at City Hall.