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Letters to the Editor

City shouldn't be bragging about work - Terry Zanetti

The city administration seems proud of the fact the Pothole Patrol filled in 39,000 potholes. What a bit of news to brag about! If roadwork was properly funded, we would not need to waste money patching these cowpaths we call roads.

Make inclusive decisions, not exclusive committees - Perry Guilbault

Over the last year or two, I have seriously considered running for city councillor, but I will not run due to following conclusions: -  Firstly, you cannot be an effective councillor if it is a part-time job.

Knowledge key to safety - Nicholas May

I am writing about the recent article Union boss wants workers to fight for safer workplaces in the April 30 edition.

Getting a job easier said than done - Natalie Brassard

I have never wrote a letter to the editor before, but I felt the need to do so this time.

Whose interests are represented? - Marc Crockford

After visiting Lynne Reynolds campaign website I noticed words like, join "our" team and help "us" elect Reynolds. Clearly Reynolds is representing a private or special interest group. Private leadership has no place in the public leadership domain.

No justice for injured workers - Peter Hudyman

I must say I am surprised to see the letter from MPP for Sudbury Rick Bartolucci reminding everyone to remember workers killed and injured on the job.

Compensation not ensured for all work-related illnesses - Jane Edgett

On April 28, as we mourn for those killed on the job, we must also remember those whose workplace-related deaths were slow and agonizing. Most Canadians do not realize that if they are seriously injured at work, their compensation is not ensured.

Empathy needed for those less fortunate - Diane Sears

I read the article "Increasing social assistance rates not the answer" by Keith Lacey with some interest. It might not be the answer, but it would certainly be a good place to start. But we all know that is not going to happen.

Woman worried about safety - Michelle Murray

Why is the Sudbury Transit Terminal locked and deserted when there are still buses running? I believe the terminal should remain open until the last bus has left. There are no security guards, and no place to go for protection.

Drunk driving sentence a joke - Eileen Krumpschmid

When reading the article Drunk Driven To Spend Weekends in Jail published on April 28, I swore my glasses were dirty. A man with a 30-year history of drunk driving is sentenced to 90 days in jail to be served on weekends.