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Letters to the Editor

Convention centre has possibilities - William E. McLeod

I am writing about the proposal to build a new convention facility in Sudbury. On the face of it, this is quite a good idea.  The powers behind the concept seem to understand the need for diversity in our economy.

Readers respond to poll

Last week's online poll question about social assistance received lots of comments from readers.

No future looking back - Ernie Checkeris

I can't believe people are convinced de-amalgamation would be better for the communities outside the "old" city of Sudbury.

Biker love new paths - Kirk Dopson

Biker love new pathssome clarification, specifically with regards to the bike path along Paris St.

An angry citizen - Heather Phillips

I write this letter because the citizens of Sudbury have been deceived by the mayor and the councillors during the last election.

Taxes blues - Colette Cote

Every year at this time people are getting ready to file their income taxes. If you are like me, (you are) tired of having to repay every year.

Jobs available in Sudbury - Matthew Barton

I am writing with regards to letters to the editor stating it is hard to get a job in Sudbury. I would like to begin by saying there is a need for social assistance in our community.

Thanks to all - Michele Caruso-McGuire

In early January of this year, The Kiwanis Club of Sudbury was informed Warna Timlock, a staunch supporter of the arts in Sudbury and a long-standing volunteer with the Kiwanis Music & Dance Festivals, was staying in Hamilton to care for her daug

Columnist is right - Kirk W. Pascoe

This letter is being written in response to Ritchy Dube's comments in his Rap Session column in regard to people either unwilling or unable to accept sober alcoholics/addicts and ex-cons as equals (as counsellors).

Abolish territorial wars - Joe Cimino

Politicians and civil servants must abandon their childish, schoolyard territorial pedagogical conviction that benefits or obstacles of economic development are limited to the ward in which a particular initiative is in.