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Letters to the Editor

Teenager did the right thing - Audrey Dugas

You may recall a story in Northern Life about a year and a half ago about my 12-year-old who had delivered papers for over a year, saved his money to buy a $500 mountain bike, and had it stolen from our garage only a few months later.

Photo caption incorrect - Evan Bate

As a member of the staff at Laurentian University's writing assistance centre, I would like to express my thanks for the Sept. 30 article written by Heidi Ulrichsen, headlined, Johnny and Janey can't read.

Association defends corn syrup - Audrae Erickson

We read with interest the Oct. 25 article, Sudbury sports drink launch.

Dreaming about arts centre - Kim Fahner

The recent request for proposals by the Sisters of St. Joseph for the future use of the current site of the St. Joseph's Health Centre has certainly brought out some interesting ideas.

Likes bicycle paths - Leslie King

As someone who cycles downtown to work in the summer, I'm writing to express appreciation for the bike path now being built on the side of Paris Street from Ramsay Lake Rd. to Bell Park.

No justice for Ernie - Gerry McIntaggart

Ernie Zivny was a victim when he suffered a workplace accident and became a victim once again when he required a blood transfusion to save his life. Unfortunately, the blood he was given was not safe.

Senior won't beg - M. Reiss

After being told I needed knee surgery very soon, my doctor sent me to Toronto to see a specialist rather than have me wait two to three years to have it done in Sudbury. I figured I would get a travel grant. Wrong! I received excuses.

Citizens should be encouraged to participate - Ron MacDonald

In his recent letter to the media, Ward 1 Councillor Terry Kett states Municipal Watch "Wimped Out," (regarding ward boundaries). He added, "council are elected to consult and make decisions to please as many people as possible.

Wolf stole beloved pet - Yvette Tessier

So you think your yard is safe? Think again. We had no idea we would lose our beloved pet Saturday morning Oct. 1. At 3 am we let our small seven-pound terrier out in our well-lit front yard.

Stealing pumpkins 'cheap' trick - Helen Mackin

My 82 -year -old mother has lived quietly and happily in the Pinecrest Subdivison for more than 30 years. She planted a garden this summer even though she moves much slower than before.