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Letters to the Editor

Many don't understand tradition of lowering flags at half-mast - Martin Johnston

I am mystified at the attitude of Canadians regarding the lowering of flags. It seems Canadians no longer understand the tradition and symbolic nature of this honour, and it is time we relearn what it is about.

Sudbury needs youth concerts - Amelia Rauhanen

I am writing to express my concerns after reading in Northern Life that the Sudbury Art Council will no longer host youth concerts.

Clarification about union wages needed - Wyman MacKinnon

I feel compelled to write this letter in regards to the city's $100,000 club. It seems every year when this list comes out that paranoia runs supreme at City Hall.

City shouldn't be bragging about work - Terry Zanetti

The city administration seems proud of the fact the Pothole Patrol filled in 39,000 potholes. What a bit of news to brag about! If roadwork was properly funded, we would not need to waste money patching these cowpaths we call roads.

Make inclusive decisions, not exclusive committees - Perry Guilbault

Over the last year or two, I have seriously considered running for city councillor, but I will not run due to following conclusions: -  Firstly, you cannot be an effective councillor if it is a part-time job.

Knowledge key to safety - Nicholas May

I am writing about the recent article Union boss wants workers to fight for safer workplaces in the April 30 edition.

Getting a job easier said than done - Natalie Brassard

I have never wrote a letter to the editor before, but I felt the need to do so this time.

Whose interests are represented? - Marc Crockford

After visiting Lynne Reynolds campaign website I noticed words like, join "our" team and help "us" elect Reynolds. Clearly Reynolds is representing a private or special interest group. Private leadership has no place in the public leadership domain.

No justice for injured workers - Peter Hudyman

I must say I am surprised to see the letter from MPP for Sudbury Rick Bartolucci reminding everyone to remember workers killed and injured on the job.

Compensation not ensured for all work-related illnesses - Jane Edgett

On April 28, as we mourn for those killed on the job, we must also remember those whose workplace-related deaths were slow and agonizing. Most Canadians do not realize that if they are seriously injured at work, their compensation is not ensured.