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Letters to the Editor

Communities need volunteers - Cinefest Sudbury

National Volunteer Week, April 23 to April 29, pays tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers across the country who give of themselves to better their communities.

Strasser deserves a little 'sunshine' - Alison Gomm

I was disappointed to read Bob Daigle's letter regarding Dr. Roger Strasser's 2005 salary.

Regressive welfare policy - Penny Earley

This is an open letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci. I ask you to learn more about income gaps. Societies where the gap between the rich and poor is less, are societies where everyone has a better quality of life.

Council should ban pesticide use - Suzanne Harvey

Spring is here and the issue of cosmetic pesticides is heating up across the country-almost everywhere, it seems, except in Sudbury.

Energy program wasn't wasteful - Fraser Rees

I am writing to express our deep concern about recent cuts to the EnerGuide for Houses service provided by Natural Resources Canada.

My Sudbury is generous - Paula Worton

Sudbury proves that this city is a caring community in which to live. The citizens of Kashechewan are faced once again with being homeless related to the natural disaster of spring flooding.

A little advice from new resident - Stephanie Adair

As a new resident to Sudbury from Woodstock, I have a few suggestions to make the city a more pleasant place. I'm impressed with the efforts that have been made to "green up" the city and surrounding areas.

What took so long? - Fran Nault

In January, Councillor Claude Berthiaume introduced a notice of motion asking for a referendum on de-amalgamation and every councillor except two voted to waive the normal two-week waiting time for the motion, and the idea was defeated at this meetin

Story brought back memories - Keith Lovely

The story in Northern Life about war brides made me sit up and reflect. My father volunteered to serve his country in 1940 and received the Volunteer Service Medal. He served all through Europe in the Second World War and returned to Canada in 1945.

No free lunch - Robert Assabgui

After reading the article Woman prepares for hunger strike to protest the welfare system in the April 2 edition, I felt I needed to express my views on the story.