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Letters to the Editor

Wolf stole beloved pet - Yvette Tessier

So you think your yard is safe? Think again. We had no idea we would lose our beloved pet Saturday morning Oct. 1. At 3 am we let our small seven-pound terrier out in our well-lit front yard.

Stealing pumpkins 'cheap' trick - Helen Mackin

My 82 -year -old mother has lived quietly and happily in the Pinecrest Subdivison for more than 30 years. She planted a garden this summer even though she moves much slower than before.

Frightlites help CF patients - Sylvie Quesnel

My son, Joel Quesnel, is a hero. Every day, he battles a deadly disease called cystic fibrosis (CF). One in 25 Canadians carries a defective version of the gene responsible for CF.

Futures on hold - Brigitte Labby

I agree with Thomas Duncan's comments in the Oct. 14 issue regarding his difficulties finding employment. I was born here, moved out west with my parents and brother in 1980. My father worked in the gas refinery industry in Alberta.

'Bullies' need help - Sue Tompkins

What has not yet been written about the issue of bullies concerns teachers and school administrators who bully children.

No justice for Hep C victims - Susan White

In the article MPs grilled over Hep C by Heidi Ulrichsen in the Oct.

Gatchell needs to get back on civic election map - Joe Cimino

With the movement back to a 12-ward system, city staff have the daunting task of re-evaluating the polling station locations for the 2006 municipal election. A report to city council in this regard is expected by the end of this month.

Youth recreation lacking in Garson - David B Carroll

In response to the letter about Garson youths having no place to enjoy themselves, I was a child born and raised in this area.

Aviation fans celebrate - Gaétan Marcheterre

The Greater Sudbury Airport's 2nd Annual Celebration of Aviation was held on Saturday, Sept. 17th and well over 500 people were in attendance. What a success! We would like to thank all those who contributed and participated in this event.

Double-dipping on the fire fees - R. Marsh

I guess we don't pay enough taxes. Now they want to charge us if the fire department has to come to a fire.