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Letters to the Editor

Food banks not solution - Doreen Ojala

Are people using food banks suffering from nutritional deficiencies? In some cases, yes, largely because they do not receive sufficient income to afford a healthy diet, and are forced to supplement their diet with food from food banks.

Traffic issues in Lo-Ellen Park - Lesley Jowsey

I am a mother of two children, aged seven and nine. I am also a home daycare provider for five children from the ages of one to five. Daily we are outside, going for walks, biking, using the trails, and heading to the nearby park.

Opportunity calling - Judith van Boxel

For more than  30 years I have listened to the city and to various tourism groups (some of which I have been part of) talk about selling Sudbury as a tourism destination.

Disabled parking is for disabled - Alex M. Killah

Disabled parking bylaws should be enforced 12 months of the year, not just during a one-month blitz by Greater Sudbury Police.

Put casino downtown - Linda Danis

Now is the perfect time to move the casino to downtown Sudbury. No other city hides one of it biggest moneymakers back in the bush out of site.

Shame, shame - C. Macrae

I was disappointed to read Michelle Murray's letter regarding the Sudbury Transit Terminal being locked when buses are still running. The security guards are not doing their jobs.

Reader thankful for being 'a goddess' - Goddess Fran Nault

I attended Be a Goddess, the ladies' charity auction and dinner for women's programs. It included mini spa services, hors d'oeuvres  and dinner served by area businessmen, policemen, firefighters and local celebrities.

Tini Pel's dancers to hold reunion - Tini Pel

So far, we have found 32 former students, dating back from the 1960s who attended the Arts Guild Dance Studio in Sudbury. They are all coming to Gore Bay for a reunion. They are arriving Saturday, May 20 at the community hall here in Gore Bay.

Decision disgusting - Rita Barnes

This letter is concerning an article in Friday's April 28 edition: Drunk driver to spend weekends in jail. I am disgusted he only received a 90-day jail sentence to be served on weekends after his fifth conviction on impaired driving.

Mistake looming - Sharon Long

Sewage is not a pretty topic, but it's an important one in my area of Sudbury right now. The rock tunnel that is to service the South End is scheduled to be completed in November 2008.