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Check out some ‘Mad Violining’ at Place des Arts Sept. 28

Accomplished violinists Cristina Masotti and Melissa Schaak have teamed up to form 2Vplus
Accomplished violinists Cristina Masotti and Melissa Schaak have teamed up to form 2Vplus.

Sudbury is gearing up for a groundbreaking musical experience that will meld classical and rock music into a sensational fusion. 

On Thursday, Sept. 28, music enthusiasts can witness this innovative performance by the musical group 2Vplus at Place des Arts, featuring two accomplished violinists, Cristina Masotti and Melissa Schaak, in a dynamic show titled "Mad Violining."

This extraordinary concert promises to be a mesmerizing journey through music history, seamlessly blending classical masterpieces with contemporary chart-toppers. 

Masotti and Schaak, the talented violinists at the forefront of this electrifying spectacle, will be joined by a powerhouse band, each member playing a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable night of music.

Schaak, who recently returned home after a decade of touring Europe and performing with major artists, expressed her excitement about the event.

"It's a homecoming for me, and I'm thrilled to be back in Sudbury,” she said in a press release. “This show takes our classical training and mixes it with a rock and pop edge for a whole new experience and I can't wait to share it with our community."

"Melissa and I reconnected through symphonic performances across the country, which brought back fond memories of our days touring with Zabava,” said Masotti. “Our passion for violin music and the desire to bring live music back to Sudbury inspired the creation of 2Vplus."

The story of "Mad Violining" is one of resilience and collaboration. As the world faced lockdowns in 2020, Masotti and Schaak became each other's support system. 

They began impromptu violin performances in various locations to bring live music to their community during challenging times. The positive reactions from these pop-up concerts planted the seed for 2Vplus, their project to merge pop music with classical violins. However, they realized that to truly elevate their vision, they needed a talented supporting band.

And so, the band of exceptional musicians came together to breathe life into "Mad Violining." Alongside Masotti and Schaak, this band is a harmonious blend of talent, each member contributing their unique skills and stage presence.

Brittany Goldsborough, a symphony colleague, took up the dynamic bassist role, anchoring the band's rhythm with precision. Tony Jurgilas, with his rockstar charisma and professionalism, became the driving force, keeping the band in perfect sync. 

Sarah Craig, known to the group for years, adds a dynamic flair on the keyboards, infusing every note with energy. Chanelle Albert, whose incredible talent had been heard by Masotti and Schaak on numerous occasions, steps into the spotlight as the band's lead guitarist, igniting the stage with electrifying licks and backing vocals.

The band, having already garnered significant interest for shows across Canada, is thrilled to debut the fully packaged "Mad Violining" show in Sudbury before taking it on tour.

Tickets are available for purchase online here.


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