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Crazy train of artists to rock Sudbury

BY HEVEN WHIDDEN Get ready to break out the devil horns and jump in the mosh pit June 18 when selected Ozzfest bands hit Sudbury on their pre-Ozzfest tour.
Walls of Jericho is performing at Fraser Auditorium June 18.


Get ready to break out the devil horns and jump in the mosh pit June 18 when selected Ozzfest bands hit Sudbury on their pre-Ozzfest tour.

Unearth, Walls of Jericho, All that Remains, A Life Once Lost, If Hope Dies and The Red Chord will be stopping to play in Sudbury before they start the Ozzfest tour.  There are only seven pre-Ozzfest dates across Canada and only two in Ontario.

"It really took a lot of hard work for this to come together," Shawn Parsons, event organizer. "I have been doing this (music promotion) for quite some time now and I think by far this is the biggest show I've put together."

The concert will take place at the Fraser Auditorium at Laurentian University at 6 pm.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door (if there are any left.)  Tickets can be purchased from Mudshark Records and Records on Wheels.

Ozzfest kicks off June 29 and will tour through America until August 13.

For more information on Ozzfest visit .

Walls of Jericho is a band from Detroit that has been emerging in the hardcore scene lately.

The band will be rotating on the second stage at Ozzfest this summer.  Their music is propelled by the inhuman roar of Candace Kucsulain, front-woman.

Mike Hasty (guitar), Chris Rawson (guitar), Aaron Ruby (bass) and Dustin Schoenhofer are the other members of Walls of Jericho.  They have been in the studio recording their new album, With Devils Amongst Us All, which will be released June 27.

Northern Life recently spoke to Rawson about Ozzfest and life on the road with Walls of Jericho.

How does it feel to know that you will be touring with Ozzy?

It's pretty exciting. Ever since I was a kid he was some metal legend kind of dude. It's surreal.

Because you have a female vocalist are there people that tend to judge your band before even listening to you guys?

Yeah I would say they do, but it works both ways. Sometimes they look into us because we have a female vocalist and some times they throw us down cause of it.  I think in the end it evens out.

It seems that you have a lot of travelling ahead of you. Is it hard being on the road?

I enjoy it. That's just me, the other members might give you a completely different answer. This is always what I wanted to do.  Obviously I miss my friends and family but it's pretty much like a dream. I just want to be on tour and play music for people who care about it.

Do you think it will be hard to give your best when you have to hop on the Ozzfest stage at 9 am?

Yeah probably, you're gonna be tired to begin with cause it's early in the morning.  If there isn't a lot of people you're gonna be like 'Oh no this sucks,' but we try to play the same whether there is 40 kids or 40,000 kids.

Is there anything that influences your music?

I'd say just for the most part, life experience and stuff. Whatever Candace deals with in her life comes out in the lyrics.  It usually ends up being the darker side of life but she tries to put positive spin on everything.


What can you tell me about your new CD?

It took us five weeks to do all the tracking. It's the hardest recording we ever did. We had put so much pressure on ourselves with Ozzfest and everything, it was very frustrating and stressful. We wanted to make everything perfect. I don't think I'll ever be happy with any recording I ever do.


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