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DIY Halloween: Need a last-minute Sudbury-related costume idea? We've got you covered!

Seven Nickel City-themed outfits to help you win Halloween

Halloween sneaks up on many of us this spooky time of year, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the moonlit magic.

Put some fright in your night with these 10-minute, $10-or-less, Sudbury-inspired costumes designed by new media reporter Keira Ferguson.

Check out the video above!

Find more information on the costumes below.

Sudbury Five Dance Squad

Items needed:
White tank top
Red duct tape
Flat table

Lay the top on a flat surface
Line the collar with red duct tape
Flip the shirt inside out and cover any exposed tape with an opposing layer of tape to avoid stickiness 
Continue the duct tape pattern onto the back as desired 
Cut the duct tape into small rectangular pieces to create the desired logo

Pom poms
Items needed:
Three plastic table cloths (the more, the fuller the pom-poms)
Tape to hold during cutting (masking tape recommended, duct tape will force to remove a layer)

Unroll table cloth on flat surface
Fold table cloth in half and cut down the middle 
Repeat process until squares are between 15-17 inches 
Separate piles according to colour 
Layer coloured squares in desired pattern 
Separate one pile and lay a strip of tape down the middle to secure the pile to the table 
Cut a 1.5-inch strip to the edge of the tape 
Flip the other side of the square over the one cut, to measure out the same width 
Cut the same number of strips on either side of the tape 
Remove the tape and any layer stuck to it if duct tape was used 
Fold the front strip down, so that that layer and the one behind come to a point 
Fold these two layers onto the third strip and repeat the process 
Cut a strip of duct tape down the middle, and use one strip to secure the folds in place Separate sections until desired level of fullness

Black Bear

Items needed:
Two long/ knee-high fuzzy black socks
Black pipe cleaners
Black headband

Cut black socks to around 12 inches
Roll socks into themselves to make two thick black donuts 
Run three pipe cleaners through the centre of the sock-formed donut and twist them together to secure the sock shape 
Repeat this process for the other sock 
Use the pipe cleaners to secure the socks to the top of the headband 
Twist one end of the pipe cleaners over the front of the headband and the other behind the headband, to ensure the ears sit straight

Face paint
Paint brush

Trace a semi-circle over the top of your nose 
Fill this area with black face paint, including the edge of your nostrils 
Draw one black line from your nose to your top lip Paint your top lip black, extending the end by one centimetre
Dab the paintbrush on the left and right of your upper lip to create the appearance of whiskers.


Items needed:
Grey shirt
White/ yellow duct tape
Black paint or marker

Lay the shirt on a flat surface
Cut a piece of white duct tape in half to create thinner rectangular strips 
Cut these strips into smaller rectangles 
Place the rectangles down the centre of the shirt 
Use a black marker or black paint to draw a circle slightly on one side of the shirt

Pothole Pete

Items needed:
Safety helmet
Red pants
Red shirt
Safety vest

Canada’s largest mural

Items needed:
Face paint
Paint brush
Colourful clothes

There are none, just have fun with it

Sudbury water tower

Items needed:
Blue “bucket hat”
Blue shirt

Lay shirt on a flat surface
Decorate as desired (Sudbury Wolves logo, Sudbury Five logo, Skoden)

One bag limit

Items needed:
Black garbage bag
Greater Sudbury bag tag
Duct tape

Lay a garbage bag on a flat surface
Cut a 12 inch semi circle at the bottom of the bag Cut two 12 inch semi circles on either side of the bag, between 12-24 inches from the bottom Place the bag over your head and put both arms through the side holes Use duct tape to secure the bag to desired tightness Place Greater Sudbury bag tag as desired



Keira Ferguson, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

About the Author: Keira Ferguson, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

A graduate of both Laurentian University and Cambrian College, Keira Ferguson is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter, funded by the Government of Canada, at
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