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‘Good Effort’ by Sudbury pandemic-era band: Listen to new single

New band recently released its first single, ‘Come On’
Sudbury band Good Effort formed in the summer of 2020.

Given that Sudbury band Good Effort formed during the early pandemic, it’s safe to say they’ve faced some challenges.

Brother and sister Sabrina Cerilli (lead vocals) and Stefano Cerilli (guitar) started jamming in the summer of 2020 with friend Dami Bodunde (bass). Dami brought in Tyler Farquharson (drums), a bandmate from another group.

Sabrina Cerilli said she and her bandmates have a wide range of musical influences, which has resulted in a futuristic blend of rock, alt, punk and pop. Influences include, No Doubt, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and other classic rockers.

In the summer of 2020, there was a lull in infection numbers, and it was safer for people to meet in person. But the pandemic had a resurgence in the months that followed, and the band resorted to emailing each other ideas for new songs and lyrics.

“We would let it kind of simmer in each other's minds and see where it would go and what we could do with it,” said Cerilli. “Once the lockdowns were over, we would jump right back in and see what we've all kind of come up with.”

It’s two years later, and the pandemic is still around, but Good Effort has persevered, and the band recently came out with its first single, “Come On.”

You can watch that below:

“Our new single ‘Come On’ definitely has a more vintage, nostalgic feel to it,” said Cerilli. “That was kind of the aim. We were hoping for a more like ’80s beach song, and I think we definitely accomplished that goal.”

Very appropriately in the post-COVID world, Cerilli said “Come On” is about coming out of an adverse situation, and feeling stronger and more resilient.

In putting out “Come On,” the band worked with Oscar- and Grammy-nominated music engineer Brendan Dekora, who has also mixed music for artists such as the Foo Fighters, Ariana Grande and Brittany Spears.

Cerilli said her brother reached out to LA-based Dekora, and she said “we're super pleased with the end results for sure.”

Good Effort plans to release more singles throughout the summer, with an eventual goal of putting out an album.

Due to the pandemic, the new band hasn’t had a chance to play any gigs so far.

“But we're definitely looking into different festivals and the downtown music scene and definitely going to reach out to some local artists that, you know, if they want to collaborate on any musical venues with us,” Cerilli said. “So we're just really looking forward to what's next and meeting other local artists.”