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Video: Keep busy with Tommy and his mommy during the school closure (all episodes)

COVID-19 means new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver and her five-year-old Tommy are working from home during the extended March Break, join them daily on Facebook as they stave off boredom with learning and fun
Join new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver as she tries to keep her five-year-old son Thomas busy during the extended March Break. will livestream their adventures on Facebook at 10 a.m. each weekday morning. Parents are encouraged to take part in the discussion, share their tips and have a little fun. (Heather Green-Oliver/

I know the past few days have been overwhelming for everyone.

It seems like all the news is happening all at once. It's a lot to digest.

I have to admit, I was taken aback when the Ontario government announced it would extend the March Break by two weeks.

Then with the news that my child's daycare was also closing for three weeks, I -- like most parents in the city -- thought to myself "What am I going to do with my kid for three weeks?"

Parents can attest, it is not easy to keep a bored five-year-old from robbing you of your sanity. But instead of focusing on the negative, I think we should look at this extra long March Break as an opportunity to regroup and spend some quality time with our kids.

I don't know about you, but I haven't spent this much time with my son since I returned to work almost five years ago.

It's going to be fun ... right?!

Join new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver as she tries to keep her five-year-old son Thomas busy during the extended March Break. will be livestreaming their adventures each weekday morning from March 16 to April 3. Watch for the livestream around 10 a.m. on our Facebook page.

Take part in the discussion, share your tips, have a little fun and remember to wash your hands!

Day 1: Tommy and his mommy learn about germs!

Day 2: Practicing social distancing while enjoying nature

Day 3: Tommy shows us how to make Rainbow Sugar Cloud cupcakes

Day 4: Making crafts for residents at long-term care homes

Day 5: No livestream today, sorry — see you on Monday!

Day 6: Tommy gets a haircut at home from his mommy

Day 7: Making bird feeders using items found in the kitchen

Day 8: Sharing kindness with brightly painted painted rocks

Day 9: Play Pictionary with Tommy and his mommy!

Day 10: Aloha! Tommy and his mommy go to Hawaii

Day 11: Ninja training at home

Day 12: Painting hearts on windows

Day 13: Making grass heads for the garden

Day 14: Tommy and his mommy try to relax with yoga ... and fail, miserably.

Day 15: Let's play What's in the Box?

Day 16: A talent show starring YOU the viewers!

Day 17: Decorating an Easter tree with salt dough ornaments

Day 18: Egg-cellent Easter egg experiments!

Day 19: Easter face painting using toothpaste and mommy's old makeup

Day 21: Blanket fort storytime

Day 22: Making wish jars

Day 23: Homemade pizza ... without yeast

Day 24: Creating seed bombs with Science North to show the planet some love

Day 25: Let's shake up a batch of homemade ice cream!

Day 26: Learn to draw Disney characters Olaf and Mickey Mouse

Day 29: Creating journey sticks while enoying nature

Day 31 - Learning how to add and read with a NERF gun

Day 34: How to make chewy chocolate chip granola bars

Day 36: Making edible slime, three recipes

Day 39: Tommy gives mommy a makeover for Mother's Day

Day 41: Toilet paper roll puppet show

Day 44: Camping in the backyard

Day 49: Delivering kindness to neighbours, ninja style!

Day 51: Outdoor story time

Final episode: Graduation Day!


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