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Video: Tommy and his mommy, Day 13 - growing grass heads for the garden

The at-home adventures of new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver and her five-year-old son Thomas
New media reporter Heather Green-Oliver has been working from home alongside her five-year-old son Thomas, and chronicling their adventures live on Facebook every week day. (Heather Green-Oliver/

It's the 13th day of working from home for new media reporter Heather Green-Oliver. 

Like many parents, she's juggling working from home while caring for a young child: her five-year-old son, Thomas. She's been chronicling her adventures working from home every week day at 10 a.m. on Facebook Live. 

Parents and their young kids from around Greater Sudbury and beyond — many of them juggling working from home while caring for their children, too — have been tuning in for the fun, the distraction and the ideas to stave off boredom that Heather has been sharing.

On today's episode, Tommy and Heather are doing a little planting. It's April 1, spring is in the air and Easter is around the corner. 

Join Tommy and Heather in the garden today. 

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