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Loon ridden by cowboy the image for Cinéfest 2019

'Hey, why not?' says Tony Jurgilas of design firm 50 Carleton
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Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival is once again working with 50 Carleton to deliver the 31th edition festival image and promotional materials. 

“Anything Is Possible” is this year’s tagline and Cinéfest Sudbury wants to use this as a reminder of the endless creativity made possible by the imaginative world of cinema, said a press release.

“With our film lineup, you may not be sure exactly where you’ll end up, but you can count on it being a wild and wonderful ride,” said executive director Tammy Frick, in the press release. “Find the films that really speak to you and hop aboard.

Take a chance on something new. You never know what you might find!”

“It’s always a joy to work with a client who grants you unbridled creative freedom,” said Tony Jurgilas, chief design strategist with 50 Carleton.

“For this year’s theme we began with an iconic picture of the North... a lone loon carving a scant ripple across a pristine crystal lake lined with verdant conical spires. We have 330 lakes within the city limits. 

“We see this picture everywhere. But we needed a kooky twist... so the loon is being ridden by a cowboy. Hey, why not?”

The festival’s imaging continues to work with Cinéfest Sudbury’s status as “The People’s Festival” and places major emphasis on “The People.”

“Our world-class sponsors, volunteers and patrons –many of which have been to all 30 incarnations of the event, make Cinéfest a continued success and one of Canada’s top 5 premiere film events” said Frick. 

“We want this festival and its imagery to reflect our diverse lineup, as well as the beauty of the landscape we all live in and the exciting, innovative film medium we’ve come to represent.” 

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