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Passportless? You can definitely get an Up Here 8 passport

Spend three beautiful August days soaking up art and music in downtown Sudbury instead of at an airport
Dear Sudbury
Up Here mural, Dear Sudbury

With passport delays plaguing the nation, there’s a new kind of passport hitting the streets. It’s just in time for summer, and it’s promising holders as much adventure as any international expedition.

Up Here is back, baby, and with it, a limited number of all-access, entry-guaranteed passports to the eighth edition.

The festival, known for its creation of new murals and the presentation of emerging artists, runs from Friday, Aug. 19 to Sunday, Aug. 21 in Downtown Sudbury.

Check out the lineup online here.

With so much to see and hear, a passport will help you make sure you get the most out of the trip that is Up Here festival. Passports are now available in limited quantities for $90.

Passport holders get priority access to all concerts, can hop freely from venue to venue, and can skip the lines at the pop-up bar on the main festival site. Individual tickets go on sale July 7 at noon, when the complete schedule will be revealed.

Who wants to wait in an airport for three beautiful August days when you could spend those 72 precious hours of warm weather soaking up art and music on Durham Street in Downtown Sudbury with friends, family, and a cold drink?

Visit for more information.