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Seed-saving doc screening again at Indie Sept. 22

‘The Seeds of Vandana Shiva’ is a feature-length documentary about seed-saving activist
A feature-length documentary called “The Seeds of Vandana Shiva” screens at Sudbury Indie Cinema Sept. 22.

Several groups have come together in hopes that a screening of “The Seeds of Vandana Shiva” will persuade people to save more local seeds. 

Better Beginnings Better Futures, Seedy Sudbury and Sudbury Shared Harvest are teaming up to host a film screening on Friday, Sept. 22 at Sudbury Indie Cinema.

The film, which was previously screened at the Indie in June, shows why seed biodiversity in our food crops is so important, introducing seed-saving activist Vandana Shiva. 

She is described by the filmmakers as “an icon of a global movement advocating for more organic food and farming, biodiversity, seed sovereignty, and social justice.”

To view the film screening, the payment is by donation or “pay what you can,” with a suggested donation of $14. All proceeds go towards Better Beginnings Better Futures. 

Organizers hope cost won’t be a barrier to anyone, so you can go online or show up in person and choose your own price. 

Reserve tickets online here.

“We had an amazing turnout for Seedy Sunday last February, so we know there’s huge interest in seeds and seed saving,” said Rachelle Rocha, one of Seedy Sudbury’s organizers, in a press release.

“It’s all part of a long term project to help Sudburians grow and access more local food, inexpensively. The ideal state is that we’ll build a system around growing and saving local, climate-adapted seeds.

“If done the right way, we’ll end up with better quality seeds, tastier produce and plants that might need fewer external inputs, like watering.”

Ormuir Organics and Sudbury Shared Harvest are donating an indoor worm composter that will be given out as a door prize at the event.

To keep up to date with Seedy Sudbury events, the group can be found on Facebook and Instagram @seedysudbury.