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She Rocks: Veteran Sudbury performers hold celebration of women in music June 7

'There's still a lot of male gatekeepers in the music industry'
Sudbury musicians Jennifer Holub (left) and Sarah Craig outside the Sudbury Theatre Centre. (Heidi Ulrichsen/

Four veteran female Sudbury musicians have teamed up for the second annual “She Rocks” concert fundraiser for Voices for Women Sudbury Sexual Assault Centre, which takes place Friday at Sudbury Theatre Centre.

Angie Nussey, Jennifer Holub, Sarah Craig and Darlene have all been in the music biz for decades.

The industry is especially difficult for women, said Holub. That's why this concert, which is billed as a celebration of women in music, means so much, she said.

“I think there's still a lot of male gatekeepers in the music industry, and quite frankly our music doesn't get showcased as much as male oriented music and male-made music,” Holub said.

“I see a shift coming, but it's very, very slow. I just attended the Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards, and there was a panel about this issue precisely.

“There's been folks making music for longer than I have that have confirmed this. It's always wonderful to celebrate women in music.

“I don't think people in Sudbury realize how many supremely talented women we have doing music and have been doing it for years.”

The concert will feature original music by all four women, and they'll all perform as backup on each other's songs. A choir of Sudbury Secondary School students will also perform.

“This is a show for the books,” said Nussey. “It's really, really unique. It'll be one to remember for sure.”

The musicians say the work done by Voices for Women Sudbury Sexual Assault Centre, a free, community-based service for women who have experienced sexual violence, is extremely important. 

“They're the most amazing people, and they're doing really great work with helping women gain confidence and helping women gain their voices back,” Nussey said.

Holub actually talks about the issue of sexual violence in several of her songs, including her single “Island,” which was included on her 2018 album “The Reckoning.”

While focused on women's music and supporting a women's organization, the performers emphasize men are welcome to attend as well.

“Men are really encouraged to attend, because this is an issue that is a problem in their community, and they need to be part of the conversation,” Holub said.

“My dad asked 'Can men attend?' Not only can men attend, but they're most encouraged to attend.”

The concert starts at 6:30 p.m. June 7 at Sudbury Theatre Centre, and also includes a silent auction, door prizes and a cash bar. 

Tickets cost $40 each, and are available through the Sudbury Theatre Centre box office. Visit