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Shrove Tuesday: Pump up your pancakes with these recipes

Bring your pancakes to the next level with these recipes

1. Decadent mini cakes

"Panlobunny" shows us how to make Nutella-filled bits of heaven. They're actually called Ebelskivers or Danish Pancakes and they are delish!

2. Pancake masterpieces

YouTuber "Tiger Tomato" makes flippin' amazing pancake art but as a newbie maybe you should start with a heart or a peace sign.

3. Beer and bacon Mancakes

Man up, eat up!
With craft brewing at an all-time high, and the never-ending popularity of bacon, why not combine the two? This Betty Crocker recipe covers all your basic manly food groups: beer, bacon, and pancakes. It's the best way to serve up dude food for breakfast.

4. Two ingredient pancakes

Whisk two eggs. Add one mashed banana. Mix. Pour. Flip and enjoy! Really, that's it.

5. Go big!

Grab the snow shovel and whip up a batch of ginormous pancakes - Uncle Buck style!

According to chef Dave Watts, you’d need 300g of plain flour, 200g of caster sugar, 450ml of milk, 9 medium free range eggs, 100g of melted unsalted butter, and 15g of vegetable oil to make the stack of gigantic pancakes that Buck makes Miles for his birthday.


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