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So, a Falconbridge woman was cruising down the highway when this happened ...

Pop goes the weasel: Christina Sitko was shocked when a creature that appeared to be a weasel crawled out from under her hood while she was driving to work

Monday morning was pretty typical for Christina Sitko. The Falconbridge resident got ready for work, hopped into her car and headed onto Longyear Drive to make the drive to Discovery Early Learning and Care's Coniston location, where she is the program supervisor.

She had just turned onto the Falconbridge Highway when something truly unusual happened.

"When I was driving, a little brown nose started popping up near my windshield on the driver's side," she told "It was startling."

Sitko knew she had to pull over, but she was cruising at 80 km/h and knew she needed to do it safely. Meanwhile, the animal, which appeared to be some kind of weasel, kept popping its head up from under the hood, probably wondering why its hideaway had suddenly turned into a motor home.

When she did finally manage to pull onto the shoulder and stop, the weasel climbed out from under the hood, looked around confusedly for a few seconds (long enough for Sitko to get a few photos) and then casually hopped off the hood of the car and vanished into the bush.

"He was probably as startled as I was," she said.

You got to love Northern Ontario.

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