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Sud Sec media arts students exhibiting work at the Indie

Check out the Look @ Media! 2023 exhibit June 12
Andrew Skrobot and Alyssa Agustin captured First Place in 2D animation at the local Tech Skills Competition and earned the honour of competing provincially. Students in Sudbury Secondary School’s Media Arts program captured all of the top honours in 2D Character Animation at the Rainbow District School Board’s Technological Skills Competition this spring.

Sudbury Secondary School invites the public to come celebrate student creativity on Monday, June 12 from 7-9 p.m. at Sudbury Indie Cinema, 162 Mackenzie St. in Sudbury.

“Look @ Media! 2023” will feature digital art, 3D art, animation, video games and more — all produced by the talented students in Sudbury Secondary School’s Media Arts program. 

“Our students welcome this opportunity to share their creative vision as they showcase their skills in storytelling, visual art, and multimedia production,” said Principal Heather Downey. “Look @ Media! is the culmination of all the amazing things students have been creating this year. While each piece is unique, together they reflect the future of media.” 

“Media Arts is a unique offering in the Arts Education program at Sudbury Secondary School,” adds Principal Downey. “In the program, students explore their passion in a variety of mediums, including digital art, film and video, digital photography, 3D modelling, video game design, graphic novels, animation and more.”

The Media Arts program at Sudbury Secondary School focuses on student-centered learning. Students propose projects and develop learning goals and success criteria along with their teacher. 

“Through the creative process, students refine their skills and learn new skills,” says teacher Stephane Ostrander. “Students can work on their own or in groups. They have many opportunities to collaborate on bigger projects with like-minded peers.” 

Media Arts student Kitt Lacroix says students are excited to share their creations. “My favourite part about Media Arts is seeing the progress you make throughout the semester,” they say.


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