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Sudbury adventure fantasy author releasing 3rd book

Jennifer Lacelle says she began writing seriously during the pandemic

Having lots of time to spare at the beginning of the pandemic, Jennifer Lacelle turned to what has always been a beloved pastime for her — writing.

She wrote so much that she now has two self-published books to her name — “Destiny,” published in 2021, and “Birdwhistle Estate,” published in 2022. In August, Lacelle comes out with her third book, “Calling Down the Goddess.”

Lacelle, who works in the retail and film sectors, said she has always enjoyed writing since she was a child. 

She describes her genre as “adventure fantasy” appropriate for those aged around 14 and older, as her books do contain some scenes of violence.

The book’s protagonist is Elizabeth Sterlin, who was raised in a small town she longs to escape. When her grandmother, Sarah-Jane, presents that opportunity, she takes it.

She winds up travelling with her estranged father, Charles, to the Sunlight Villa in Cocagne, New Brunswick. There, the two of them discover the horrific truth of their family: They are ritualistic serial killers determined to stay young forever through dark magic. 

However, a curse is bound within their flesh and they want Elizabeth to free them of it by sacrificing Charles.

As their family history is revealed, Elizabeth comes to terms with the fact that witches, mythical creatures and deities exist; she’s one of them and Hecate, the tri-fold Goddess, is one with her.

Hades, God of the Ancient Greek Underworld, controls the family from within. His actions threaten to spark a war between the deities and all living — and dead — creatures.

Lacelle said she got the idea for the novel when staying in a rural community last year near London, where she had travelled for a medical procedure.

“I thought wouldn't it be interesting to tell the story of somebody who grew up in a rural community, and then, you know, their life shifted unbelievably,” she said.

“Calling Down the Goddess” is being billed as “Book One” in a series.

“So this is going to be the start of a trilogy,” she said. “The second one is already in a draft and the third one's already about halfway through the first draft. I'm hoping to have them all out in the next year or two.”

The author has a launch party for “Calling Down the Goddess” coming up from 5-8 p.m. Aug. 9 at the business Valixya, located at 1861 Lasalle Blvd.

It will be a chance for her readers to either pick up books they’ve pre-ordered or purchase books, enjoy some cake and enter a draw for a spa session. “It’s going to be a fun time,” Lacelle said.

She encourages people to support local authors. “We put in so much work and so much time and effort,” Lacelle said.

The author said the book will be available as of Aug. 6 on paperback, and will eventually be available via ebook. Lacelle said the book will also eventually be available for purchase at Sudbury Chapters and North Bay Coles.

For more information, visit Lacelle’s website.

Heidi Ulrichsen is’s associate content editor. She also covers education and the arts scene.


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