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Sudbury receives a 'Touch of Heaven'

Young entrepreneur Angel Vincent sees her dream become a reality

In late January of this year, Greater Sudbury will welcome a little something new.

A unique spa experience featuring 7,000 sq/ft of indoor and 25,000 sq/ft of outdoor luxury, is being introduced by Sudbury born, Angel Vincent.

While many may be thinking that this is a dream come true, for Vincent, it is. The owner of Angel's Reflexology and Foot Care Centre: With a Little Touch of Heaven, she has long had a dream of offering Sudbury a one-of-a-kind spa experience.

Settling into her life as a mother, wife and small business owner, the last thing Vincent expected was to wake one morning with “vivid unimaginable detail of this”, Vincent said as she motioned to the spa now standing around her.

“I used to do a lot of drawing back then, with the kids and stuff, so I had paper on the floor so I sat on the floor and drew out my dream that same morning.”

Vincent began asking her friends, “wouldn't it be cool to just have a place where you can get this, you can get that, and just relax and sit out in the pool under the open sky and just enjoy nature and get all pampered?”

After a year and a half of discussing the idea with friends and family, Vincent committed herself to her spa oasis, working around the clock at four nursing agencies in addition to maintaining private clientele. Vincent’s husband also went through a career change, entering the profession of mining so as to assist in paying off the couple’s mortgage.

After eight years of hard work, Vincent’s cousin informed her that the spa she had envisioned those many years ago, was being built in Quebec. Anxious to see the physical manifestation of her imagination, the two scheduled a visit to the Quebec retreat.

“So I’m sitting in the pool and it’s as if someone was in my brain and made it happen. Someone that had money, made it happen. Here I am, struggling, eight years later still nowhere because it takes a lot of money,” said Vincent.

Rather than discourage Vincent, this competition motivated her like never before. She decided it was time to look for investors, but struggled to find a partner which appreciated her vision and would also allow her to maintain control. Touch of Heaven remains independently funded because as Vincent repeatedly stated, “it’s about more than the money, it’s about doing the best you can do for people.”

And what can Touch of Heaven do for you? In addition to receiving premium spa services with safe and all-natural products, Vincent says it is the lasting results clients experience that truly sets her retreat apart.

Touch of Heaven offers treatment from qualified massage therapists, manicures, pedicures, facials and body treatments. Their luxury spa features a private café, saunas, hot tub, fire pit, an indoor pool as well as outdoor pools and various outdoor seating areas.

In an effort to improve inclusivity at the 18+ spa, Vincent looks to introduce mother-daughter workshops two to four times a year to teach young adults skin care and how to make their own products. Vincent also plans to add one to two hours of operation throughout the year to accommodate groups and special events.

To experience “an oasis, in which you will be treated like you’re important and your wellness is important,” visit


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