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Tea with the Editor: Gentili sips Earl Grey with a spirit medium

Entrepreneurship comes in all shapes and sizes, and one Nickel City business owner embodies that more than any other (or maybe disembodies, considering her line of work)

Can people really talk to the dead? editor Mark Gentili doesn't think so, but he knows thousands of other people do.

In the latest episode of Tea with the Editor, Gentili sits down with spirit medium Jay Lane. 

Lane is a Sudbury native who is fast making a name for herself in the world of talking to the dead.

Many people don't think of spirit mediums as entrepreneurs, but that's exactly what Lane is, since leaving a government job to pursue her dream of being her own boss.

Her business might be out of the ordinary, but she has day-to-day challenges familiar to most business owners.

Since launching her business several years ago, Lane has grown from small one-on-one readings, to halls of several hundred to doing private readings for celebrities, particularly Nashville stars.

This episode of the Tea with the Editor was filmed at The Cedar Nest Décor Cafe in downtown Sudbury, possibly one of the cutest coffee shops in the entire Nickel City, where the tea is served in china dishes and all the décor is for sale.

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