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The worst Mother’s Day gifts – according to moms

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Finding the perfect gift for the best mother on Earth can be a daunting task, but it’s the thought that counts, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll of mothers, conducted on behalf of the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

When asked what the worst Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever received was, 14 per cent of mothers say that receiving no gift at all was the worst gift they’ve received, while another two per cent say forgetting altogether that it was Mother’s Day was the worst gift they’ve ever received.

While a majority (51 per cent) of mothers say that they’ve never received a bad gift and they’ve liked everything they’ve ever received for Mother’s Day, some mothers have received a few admittedly terrible gifts.

From among the 527 mothers who completed the survey, some of the worst gifts include: breakfast in bed with undercooked eggs and terrible coffee, a chocolate bar and a magazine from the corner store, a vacuum cleaner attachment, gardening tools, an electric broom, a toaster, an old sewing machine, fast food delivery (fried chicken), a clock with the price tag still left on the bottom, dish cloths, a promise that was never fulfilled, an ironing board, extra–extra–large track pants, a bad
DVD, a frying pan, a soccer ball, plus–sized pajamas, and a card that said “You’re just like a mother.”

Giving a gift that helps those who are less fortunate is becoming a more popular form of gift giving and solves the problem of trying to get a perfect gift for someone who has everything they need or want. In fact, 80 per cent of mothers say they’d be “pleased” if someone bought them a gift in their name from a charitable gift catalogue for Mother’s Day, with mothers living in Atlantic Canada (89 per cent) and Alberta (87 per cent) being the most likely to say so. Just 20 per cent of mothers, overall, say they would not be pleased (6 per cent not at all/14 per cent not very) to receive a gift of this nature.

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