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TNO’s new virtual show a ‘Cabaret de la Bibitte’

The free show will broadcast online June 25, and features twelve Franco-Sudburian artists
The poster for Cabaret de La Bibitte: Mauvais coups artistiques en tous genres (Mauricio Campbell-Martinez/supplied)

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario is proud to present “Cabaret de La Bibitte: Mauvais coups artistiques en tous genres,” hoping to relieve the isolation not just from Sudburians, but even the artists themselves.

The June 25 show will be broadcast live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook starting at 6 p.m. and is free to all. The show will have seven-minute mini-shows from 12 artists, and delves into topics as diverse as “femininity, solitude, the tug of identity, immigration, futuristic love in the year 3000, pretense, the desire to look good and the pressure to succeed.”

Created by “La Bibitte” (slang for “bug”), Antoine Côté Legault, the show features artists Jenn Blanchet, Ryan Demers-Lafrenière, France Huot, Michel Laforge, Nat Lalonde, Éric Lapalme, Darquise Lauzon, Priscilla Mbemba, Marie-Pierre Proulx, Caroline Raynaud, Elsa Simbagoye, Chloé Thériault and Alex Tétreault. 
With filming and broadcast support from Matteo de Simone and Night Owl Studios, the show was created with the support of the Ontario Arts Council.
Cabaret de La Bibitte will be broadcast simultaneously on the following platforms:

Twitch : 

Youtube :

Facebook :