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Video: 4 colouring techniques you have to try

Bring your adult colouring book to the next level with these simple (and unconventional) techniques.
Bring your adult colouring book to the next level with these simple (and unconventional) techniques.

Baby oil & coloured pencils

If you like using pencils to colour the pages of your adult colouring book, try blending the colours together with a Q-Tip dipped in baby oil.

Tips: A little goes a long way - no need to drench your book in baby oil. Also, this technique works best if you create a gradient effect by colouring a darker layer just inside the lines and lightly colour the centre. Then use the baby oil to blend it all together to look like a watercolour painting.

Watercolour pencils & water

Hand cramps holding you back from enjoying this so called stress-relieving activity? #adultcolouringproblems Invest in some watercolour pencils - it's the most effortless way to fill a page quickly.

Tips: Use the pencils to colour in a tiny area, then use a brush or Q-Tip dipped in water to drag the colour out for seamless blending.

Petroleum jelly & coloured pencils

Similar to the baby oil technique - petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) helps blend your colours together. But dipping your pencil crayon directly into the jelly allows the colour to glide on the paper with little effort.

Tips: Try laying down a layer of petroleum jelly on the paper first (instead of dipping your pencil in the jelly), then colour as normal. You will end up getting jelly on your hands but it does wonders on dry skin, so it's a win-win!

Markers & coloured pencils

Chances are you've already filled pages of your colouring book using markers or pencil crayons, but have you tried layering them together? It's not too late. Resurrect your finished work by adding shading with pencils on top of your marker-filled pages and vice versa.

Learn how to do all these techniques - check out the video above.

What technique do you prefer to use in your adult colouring book? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Green-Oliver

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