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Video: Queen Elsa's back, lifting spirits at LTC homes with musical window visit

Queen Anna and Queen Elsa's message of hope continues to spread far and wide during dark times

Due to COVID-19, seniors living in long-term care and retirement homes haven't been able to visit their families. 

But a woman from Greater Sudbury with a big heart, and even bigger vocal range, is bringing smiles back to their faces.

Singer songwriter Kassie Taylor has been busy spreading magic around the world since the video of her first performance as Queen Anna exploded online.

The original video of Taylor singing to a little girl who was struggling with isolation has been viewed more than 19,000 times on Facebook. 

Since then, Taylor's message of hope has been spread far and wide. The video posted on's YouTube channel has been viewed in Canada, the U.S. and has reached as far as India.  

Here in Sudbury, the Laurentian University communications student continues to help others with driveway performances as Queen Anna, as well as Anna's sister, Queen Elsa. 

Taylor has been visiting families throughout the city, sometimes booking 10 shows in one day, to deliver a little light and happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I can say, at almost every single one of them the families are in tears," Taylor told "But they're tears of happiness and joy.

"Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life every single day makes me feel so grateful to be here. I’ve always loved helping others and doing community work but being able to bring our community together, in a time this dark, has made me feel unstoppable.

"Even a pandemic can’t break my spirit and will to help others."

Today, met up Taylor, this time as Queen Elsa, as she paid a special visit to seniors living at Chartwell Westmount on William Retirement Residence.

Watch that heart-felt performance, and a few of her driveway appearances, in the video above. 

COVID-19 outbreaks have been declared at three Greater Sudbury long-term care homes to date including, St. Joseph's Villa, Extendicare York and Pioneer Manor.

With the suspension of all non-essential visits in place at all retirement and nursing homes in the city, the general manager at Chartwell Westmount on William said the sound of Taylor's voice outside the retirement residence was a uplifting moment for the residents and staff.

"Being seperated from their families and the isolation that comes along with COVID-19 is always hard," Lisa Brule said. "It was smiles all over in there and a few tears of joy."

"(Taylor) was phenomenal and it was an uplifting experience."

If you live in Greater Sudbury and would like to book a special social distancing visit with Elsa or Anna outside your home, email Kassie Taylor at or send her a private message on Facebook here.